Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shopkick Points for 9/28/13

Today there is a 200 point bonus for linking your credit card to your account.

The following Look Books contain Kicks this morning:

-Snacking in action with Teddy Grahams
-A different kind of oatmeal
-Pretty Luxuries
-Suds Up
Bath & Body Works
-Gift, Set, Go
-Autumn Accents
-Close Shave
-Beauty in a Bottle
-Hair & There
-Fox Trail (Quaker Bonus Piece)
-Sweetie Bird (Quaker Bonus Piece and possible Kick too)
Crate & Barrel
-Paola Navone Como Collection
-Storytime (Quaker Bonus Piece)
Sports Authority
-Take a Hike (Quaker Bonus Piece)

If new Shopkick Kicks have been posted, please let us know in comments below!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Viggle LIVE! Answers: The Breakfast Club

Are you ready to make some Viggle points? Today there is rolling trivia for The Breakfast Club! You can find all of the Viggle LIVE Answers as well as a sound clip to check in to the movie below! Don't forget to check Money Making Dailies for more ways to earn!

Sound Check In:
If you'd like to check in, here is the audio clip for The Breakfast Club:

Viggle LIVE Answers:
These answers are in no particular order as the questions roll continuously all day and may be changed up a little. You can press Control and F together to search this page for answers. They should be pretty close to the same order that you will find them during the trivia game.

After Emilio Estevez played Andy, he was Coach Gordon Bombay in the movie _______.
The Mighty Ducks

Andy was on the _______ team.

After Anthony Michael Hall played Brian, he became the youngest-ever cast member on _______.
Saturday Night Live

Earlier in the movie, Allison said she could write with her _______.

Carl told Principal Vernon he wanted to be _______ when he grew up.
John Lennon

Earlier in the movie, Claire asked Andy if he would drive to school in his birthday suit for a _______.
Million Bucks

Before Molly Ringwald played Claire, she appeared on the show _______.
The Facts of Life

Earlier in the movie, Mr. Vernon told the kids to create a _______ during detention.

What year did TBC come out?

Who bites their nails very, very loudly?

John Hughes defined the '80s. In addition to directing TBC, he also created _______.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

After Paul Gleason played Principal Vernon, he costarred with Bruce Willis in ________.
Die Hard

What did Allison do to get detention?

Who dropped Andy off at school?
His Father

Earlier in the movie, Claire helped Allison put on _______.

What did Claire bring for lunch?

Who stole Brian's wallet?

What nickname did Bender frequently call Andy?

Who said they were the eyes and ears of the institution?

TBC opens with a quote from _______.
David Bowie

The gang attends _______.
Shermer High

Complete the Mr. Vernon quote: "Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the _______ ."

Earlier in the movie, Brian said he belonged to the _______ Club.

Who ended up writing the essay for TBC?

Judd Nelson famously played Bender in the movie. In the 1990's, he was a regular on _______ , which starred Brooke Shields.
Suddenly Susan

John Hughes wrote TBC. He also wrote a movie about a dog named after a classical musician called _______.

Which John Hughes film did Molly Ringwald NOT appear in?
Home Alone

After Ally Sheedy played Allison, she starred in a film about a smart robot called _______ .  Short Circuit

Which subject was Brian failing?

The actors in TBC were nicknamed the _______ Pack.

Emilio Estevez played Andy in TBC. Who is his famous brother?
Charlie Sheen

Claire got detention because she ditched class to go _______ .

I hope you enjoyed the trivia and got all of your bonus points! Remember you can always see if we're playing along with live television on Twitter by visiting our Viggle LIVE! Answers page.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Viggle LIVE! Answers: The Proposal

There is an ongoing Viggle LIVE trivia game right now for The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White. In no particular order (as these questions are continuously rolling), here are the questions and answers. Answer them all correctly and you will earn 350 Viggle Points!

Remember, you can always check for the most up to date Viggle information on our Viggle LIVE Answers page from

The Proposal Viggle LIVE Answers

In 2012, Malin Ackerman appeared in the film version of the Broadway musical _______.
Rock of Ages

Recognize Margaret's boss Bergen? The actor who plays him, Michael Nouri, appeared in the iconic film _______.

Craig T. Nelson starred in the classic horror movie ________.

In the movie, Aasif Mandvi plays Bob, Bergen's assistant. More recently, he's been on TV in _______.
The Daily Show

Andrew's family lives in _______.

Malin Ackerman plays Gertrude, Andrew's _______.

Margaret is trying to avoid being deported back to _______.

The director of "The Proposal," Anne Fletcher, started working in the film industry as a _______.

Earlier in the movie, Margaret and Gammy performed a rousing rendition of "Get Low" by _______.
Lil Jon

The Paxtons have a puppy named _______.

Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her work in _______.
The Blind Side

Andrew is Margaret's _______.

Which cast member starred in the film version of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch?"
Ryan Reynolds

Margaret and Andrew work at a _______ company.
Book Publishing

Craig T. Nelson, who plays Joe Paxton, lent his voice for Pixar's ______.
The Incredibles

While Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian in the movie, _______ was born in Canada.
Ryan Reynolds

Mary Steenburgen, who plays Grace Paxton, was discovered by _______.
Jack Nicholson

"The Proposal" was filmed in _______.

Denis O'Hare recently starred in Ryan Murphy's _______.
American Horror Story

Andrew's grandmother, Annie, is known as _______.

Craig T. Nelson currently stars in the TV dramedy _______.

In 2012, Mary Steenburgen appeared in multiple episodes of _______.
30 Rock

In 2009, Malin Ackerman appeared in the superhero film _______.

Mary Steenburgen won an Oscar for her work in _______.
Melvin and Howard

Betty White currently stars in the sitcom _______.
Hot in Cleveland

Michael Nouri, aka Margaret's boss, had a recurring role as Ziva's father on _______.

Betty White holds the record for the longest span between Emmy nominations, at _______.
61 Years

In the summer of 2012, Denis O'Hare appeared in Shakespeare in the Park's production of _______.
Into the Woods

"The Proposal" ended up grossing over _______ worldwide.
$300 million

In "The Proposal" Denis O'Hare plays Mr. Gilbertson, an _______ agent.

Oscar Nunez is best known for his work on _______.
The Office

Sandra Bullock's mother, Helga D. Meyer, was _______.
An Opera Singer

Betty White won _______ Emmys over the course of her career.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bing Rewards Search List 3: Finding Nemo Fish

What type of fish, bird or animal are the Finding Nemo characters?

Click each of the Finding Nemo characters' names below to bring up a picture of the character. Then click the answer to see the name and a picture of the real species to see if you guessed the right type of fish, bird or animal!
Each time you click a charcter's name or the word "answer", it brings up a Bing Rewards search! If you're a Bing Rewards member, you'll get a credit for every two searches you do. Turn in your credits for gift cards! Click here tosign up! If you click each of the names and the answer links below you will get 38 total searches.

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What kind of fish, bird or animal are the following Finding Nemo characters?

I hope you had fun with this Finding Nemo search! Please let me know in comments below which character is your favorite!



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bing Rewards Search List 2: Eggs

Hatch the Eggs! Fun Bing Rewards Searches

I've just stumbled upon more than 60 chicken eggs! Each one contains a different breed of chicken (clicking on an egg will bring up a Bing Rewards search containing the chicken breed). You'll see pictures of the breed along with sites that will teach you more about it.

Let us know in the comments below which breed of chicken was your favorite!

*Before clicking the eggs below, I recommend signing up for Bing's reward point system, Bing Rewards. They give you reward points each time you search! For more information, click here!*

  1.     2.   3.    
4.     5.

   6.   7.   8.    
 9.   10.
11.  12. 13.
14. 15.
16. 17. 18.  
19. 20.
21. 22.  23.
24. 25.
26. 27.   28.
29. 30.


Hatch the Bing Rewards Eggs Day 2 Searches:

31.   32.   33.
34.   35.
36. 37. 38.
39.   40.

41. 42.  43.

44. 45.
46.   47. 48.
49. 50.

51. 52. 53.

54. 55.
56. 57. 58.
59. 60.

Bonus Eggs to Hatch:

61. 62. 63. 64.